What are your pain points when taking spectrophotometric readings?  Some say sample collection and documentation, some say cost, some say data recording.

We like to know your needs to address them in our next webinar.  Please send us your pain points and we will (without revealing your identity) offer some classic Tip Biosystems solutions crafted by our founder Dr. Dieter Trau.  Please register and tune in on 28th September, 2021 at the following times:

  • 6 PM Sydney/Melbourne
  • 5 PM Tokyo/Seoul
  • 4 PM Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/Beijing/Shanghai
  • 3 PM Bangkok/Jakarta
  • 1:30 PM Delhi/Chennai
  • 10 AM Frankfurt
  • 9 AM London

Register Here: https://forms.gle/e8EyTRy1YpEFVd3aAwill

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The Photopette® device is a fast, accurate and economically priced handheld spectrophotometer universally used in life-sciences, environmental surveillance, food & beverages and chemical industry to measure concentrations in liquid samples.

The Photopette personal photometer offers the convenience, performance and seamless integration with cloud, web and mobile computing expected from contemporary devices and applications, saving users precious sample and time, while still producing precise and accurate results.

This portable spectrophotometer enables users to dramatically improve the workflow and increase productivity through speed and portability

Use Photopette Anywhere


Battery Powered (~ 20.000 measurements per charge)

Capture GPS Location, ambient Temperature, Date/Time automatically with each measurement

Document Sample via Camera

Photopette System


Perform Quantitative Measurements 

Recalibration and Maintenance Free

Results within 2 Seconds

Photopette Android/iOS App


Tip Biosystem’s own Algorithms

Build your Own Custom Calibrations

Intuitive User Interface – Inbuilt Calibrations – Multi Language Support

Data Availability


Instant Data Transfer to your Smart Device

Export Data as CSV File to Email Address or Cloud Server

Analyse Data in Excel or other Software