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Photopette® OD600

Supports 600 nm

The Photopette® OD600 spectrophotometer is an easy to use and very cost-effective device dedicated to measure samples at the 600 nm wavelength. Its ideal to determine growth rates of cell types such as yeast, E. coli, spirulina and several mammalian cell lines or protein quantification using the Bradford protein assay. With it’s large dynamic range of up to 3 AU even dens cultures can be measured without dilution. The control app has several inbuilt cell density calibrations and enables the user to create its own calibrations for user specific cell lines. The app also allows automatic measurements over a period of time to determine grows kinetics.

The Photopette® OD600 is a handheld device controlled via an app run on a smartphone or tablet computer.  Being powered by a long lasting lithium battery makes it highly portable and convenient to use in life science laboratories.

The Photopette system (Photopette, CuveTip & App) is designed for a sampling free workflow, thus increases efficiency and decreases the risk of cross-contamination.

The common workflow in spectrophotometry is that samples are transferred into a cuvette and the cuvette is then placed into a spectrophotometer. The Photopette however simplifies this workflow. The user picks up a CuveTip with the device and directly immerses the tip into the sample. The sample solution then enters a cavity of the CuveTip and with a click on the device or app the measurement value is displayed on your screen. This makes direct measurements without sample transfer possible.

The Photopette® Features

· UV-VIS fixed wavelength spectrophotometer
· Ambient light compensation
· Android and iOS user friendly app
· Date, time, GPS and photo stamp on measurement data
· Export data as CSV file to an e-mail or cloud server

· High accuracy, repeatability and dynamic range
· No need for sample transfer and no cross contamination
· Independence from laboratory. Measure on site everywhere
· Maintenance free and no periodic calibrations required
· Price competitive

Relevant Application Notes


Order Information

Ordering NumberItem
508-OD600Photopette® OD600 Kit

Photopette® device (supports 600 nm)
Photopette® stand holder
CuveTip™ Box
CuveTip™ Ejector Box
88 disposable CuveTips®
USB connection cable and quick start guide

Photopette® OD600 Specifications

Measure without sample transfer in96 well plates, 500-2000 μl reaction tubes, T75 cell culture flasks, 15 & 50 ml Falcon tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks up to 500 ml.
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Measurement Precision & Accuracybetter than ±0.003 AU
Photometric range 0.000 AU ~3.000 AU
Measurement timeWithin 2 seconds per measured wavelength
Warm up time None
Lifetime (light-source) >500,000 measurements per wavelength
Wavelengths600 nm
iOS and AndroidYes
Weight190 g
LanguageEnglish, German and Chinese