Application Overview

From the life science research laboratory to to a water treatment facility, photometry is used in many fields. The Photopette is aimed to conduct measurements more efficient while providing accurate results.

AssayLife ScienceEnvironmentFood & BeverageIndustrial
DNA Concentration
DNA Concentration and DNA Purity Measurement at 260 nm and 280 nm
Protein Concentration
Protein Concentration Determination in Aqueous Solutions and Unknown Samples at 280 nm
Cell Culture Density, DNA, Protein
Photopette for COVID 19 Related Cell Culture Research
Bradford Assay
Bradford Assay – Protein Concentration Measurement Using Bradford Protein Assay
Lactate Concentration
Lactate Concentration Measurement in Aqueous Samples at 340 nm
Yes Yes 
Cell-Viability Assay
Measuring Cell Viability Using Resazurin (Alamarblue) Assay
Yes Yes 
Yeast Cell Count
Accurate and Fast Yeast Cell Counting at OD600 On-Site or Under Cell Culture Hood
Yes Yes 
E.Coli Cell Count
Accurate E. coli Growth Curve Measurements at OD600
Ethanol Concentration Determination in Alcoholic Beverages and Unknown Samples
Soluble Protein in “Dal” (Lentils)
Quantification of Water Soluble Protein in Dal in the Field or Laboratory
Soluble Starch in Fresh Potatoes
Quantification of Soluble Protein in Fresh Potatoes
Spirulina Culture Biomass Quantification
Biomass in Spirulina Cultures Determination
Direct Turbidity
Quality Determination of Water by direct Turbidity Measurement in Aqueous Solutions
 Yes Yes
Nickel Measurement
On-Site Nickel Concentration Measurement for the Metal Plating Industry