Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the Photopette®. The specifications apply for Photopette® Cell, Bio, Turbidity, OD600 and Custom.

Instrument TypeFixed wavelengths handheld spectrophotometer with ambient light compensation.
Wavelength Accuracy±2 nm.
Measurement Precision
& Accuracy
±0.003 AU.
Photometric range0.000 AU ~ 3.000 AU.
Measurement timeWithin 2 seconds per measured wavelength.
Warm up timeNone.
Lifetime (light-source)>500,000 measurements per wavelength
Operation and handling• Easy sterilization with ethanol wipes.
• Water and dust resistant housing.
• Resistant to mild acids and solvents.
Operating conditions• Recommended: 18~25 °C at 30% RH.
• Maximum: 5~45 °C at 80% RH (non-condensing).
• (25,000 measurements and / or 6 days standby on a single charge).
• Auto power save mode.
Storage conditions-20 to 50 °C (max) and up to 80% RH (non-condensing).
Disposable CuveTip®Standard CuveTip® ; UV CuveTip®
Chemical compatible to aqueous solutions, dilute acids and bases, alcohols, vegetable oils, blood serum, cell culture media, etc.
Permanent metal
attachment CuveTip®
UV to visible range. *Highly accurate. Can be sterilized in 70% ethanol. Chemical compatible to most organic solvents, dilute acids and bases, mineral and vegetable oils, blood serum, cell culture media, etc.
SoftwareApp running under Android and iOS, simple and intuitive to use. Factory defined applications, user defined applications generated with the Method
Maker” function. Automatic kinetic measurements, seamless connectivity and data sharing within seconds. Geo tagging, photo, notes, date and time embedded in data files. Automatic software and firmware updates. Selftesting function.
Power supplyInternal 2500 mAh lithium ion battery with microUSB charging socket.
Dimensions and weightFits within 202 mm x 47 mm x 42 mm; Weight = 190 g approx.
Supported languages (App)English, German and Chinese.
CertificationCE and FCC by TÜV SÜD Singapore.
Sampling free workflowPhotopette® can directly measure samples without sample transfer in the following sample containers: 96 well plates, 15 and 50 ml Falcon tubes, T75 cell culture flask, 500 to 2000 microliter reaction tubes, Erlenmeyer flask up to 500 ml.