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Photopette® Custom

Supports up to 3 wavelengths

The Photopette® Custom UV-Vis spectrophotometer is a unique product in the spectrophotometer market. Devices are individually built to match customer requirements and applications on a single unit basis. The device can support up to 3 custom wavelengths between 260 nm and 1000 nm.

The Photopette® Custom is a handheld device controlled via an app run on a smartphone or tablet computer.  Being powered by a long lasting lithium battery makes it highly portable and convenient to use in life science laboratories.

The Photopette system (Photopette, CuveTip & App) is designed for a sampling free workflow, thus increases efficiency and decreases the risk of cross-contamination.

The common workflow in spectrophotometry is that samples are transferred into a cuvette and the cuvette is then placed into a spectrophotometer. The Photopette however simplifies this workflow. The user picks up a CuveTip with the device and directly immerses the tip into the sample. The sample solution then enters a cavity of the CuveTip and with a click on the device or app the measurement value is displayed on your screen. This makes direct measurements without sample transfer possible.

For a quotation, please specify your desired wavelenghts and application.

The Photopette® Features

· UV-VIS fixed wavelength spectrophotometer
· Ambient light compensation
· Android and iOS user friendly app
· Date, time, GPS and photo stamp on measurement data
· Export data as CSV file to an e-mail or cloud server

· High accuracy, repeatability and dynamic range
· No need for sample transfer and no cross contamination
· Independence from laboratory. Measure on site everywhere
· Maintenance free and no periodic calibrations required
· Price competitive

Order Information

Ordering NumberItem

Photopette® Custom Kit

Photopette® device (Up to 3 custom wavelengths between 260 nm and 1000 nm)
Photopette® stand holder
CuveTip™ Box
CuveTip™ Ejector Box
88 disposable CuveTips™
USB connection cable and quick start guide

Photopette® Custom Specifications

Measure without sample transfer in96 well plates, 500-2000 μl reaction tubes, T75 cell culture flasks, 15 & 50 ml Falcon tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks up to 500 ml.
Wavelength Accuracy up to ±2 nm
Measurement Precision & Accuracy up to ±0.003 AU
Photometric range 0.000 AU up to 3.000 AU
Measurement time Within 2 seconds per measured wavelength
Warm up time None
Lifetime (light-source) >500,000 measurements per wavelength
WavelengthsUp to 3 custom wavelengths between 260 nm and 1000 nm
Operation SystemAndroid
Weight190 g
LanguageEnglish (German and Chinese optional)