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Product Overview

Portable and handheld spectrophotometers, such as the Photopette®, allow you to measure a wide range of samples directly on site on the go. While there are some portable spectrophotometers, the Photopette® is the only true handheld spectrophotometer available in the market. Instead of bringing the samples to a stationary spectrophotometer, you can measure outdoor, indoor, in the lab or even inside a sterile cabinet.

Tip Biosystems proudly presents the following products of the Photopette® system.

The Photopette is currently available in four standard models. We also offer customized devices (Photopette® Custom ) and OEM solutions.

Photopette® Bio

Supports 260 nm, 280 nm and 340 nm

Photopette® Cell

Supports 340 nm, 570 nm and 600 nm

Photopette® Turbidity

Supports 570 nm and 850 nm

Photopette® OD600

Supports 600 nm

Photopette® Custom

Supports up to 3 custom wavelengths between 260 nm and 1000 nm

The patented CuveTip® acts as a sample holder and light-reflecting system. It replaces the cuvette in the convential workflow.


CuveTip® Standard



CuveTip® Sterile

Metal CuveTip

Metal CuveTip®