Support (FAQ)

What sample matrices are compatible for direct measurements using the Photoppette device?
The Photopette device is designed for UV-VIS measurements in liquid samples.
Can the Photoppette Device be employed in field measurements?
Yes. It is designed for laboratory, Industry and field measurements
Do I need to calibrate the Photometer Device before use or periodically?
The Photopette device is factory calibrated. Periodic yearly calibration is recommended.
Is the performance of Photopette comparable to a benchtop spectrophotometer?
Photopette is a state-of-the-art analytical device which complements benchtop instruments. It outperforms them however on several performance parameters such as: Dynamic range Speed and ease of measurements Optimized workflow and price Photopette comes with a standard- or custom- selection of fixed wavelength covering a wide range of applications and assays.
What happens when my Photopette battery is dead?
Photopette can perform several hundreds of thousand measurements before the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced.
For what platforms is the Photopette App available?
The Photopette app is available for iOS and Android.
Who has access to my recorded measurements?
The recorded datasets are stored locally on your phone. We will never access any of your datasets. However, you may choose to share or export your data via email or google drive.
How do I save my results?
All measurements are stored in the form of datasets on your mobile device which you can access later. Renaming the datasets, adding notes or pictures are convenient options to easily remember the purpose and specifications of an experiment even long after.
How do I back up my data?
Our export functionality using email or GoogleDrive allows you to store copies of your datasets in different locations.
Where can I find instructions?
All devices are shipped with a copy of our user manual. You may also download a copy from our website.
What is the lowest and highest absorbance I can measure?
Absorbance of 0.0 to 3
How do I recover my samples after measurements using the photopette?
Use a micropette and pipette out the sample fluid present in the cavity of the CuveTip.
How fast can I perform a measurement? Do I need to warm up the lamp?
A measurement can be performed in less than 30 seconds. The Photopette is LED technology driven and there is no warmup or lamp change required.
Where is the data stored and how can I share data?
The data is stored in the application memory and can be instantly shared through email or Google drive.
How long does the battery last?
For more than 25000 measurements in a single charge. You can charge your device via USB port.
How long is the warranty?
The warranty is 1 year.
I need a wavelength that is not offered in the Photopette. What can I do?
We can provide you a custom made Photopette with your required wavelength in the range of 250 to 1050 nm. For details please contact us at
I have a specific application but I am not sure if the Photopette can do the job?
We can help you with your application needs. Please contact our application specialist at
How to export the dataset from the app on my personal mobile device?
Use email or Google drive feature to export.
Does the app require any login?
Photopette app doesn’t require any signup or login authentications.
Is internet connection required to enable the use of Photopette app?
Internet connection is not required for the app usage. It is fully functional even in the offline mode except when the dataset export feature is required.
What smart device software versions are supported by the app?
The app supports only iOS 8 and later versions. Photopette app doesn’t support previous versions of iOS. For Android, 4.3 and up is required.
My Photopette seems not to pair with my smart device. What do I need to do?
Photopette works on Bluetooth(R) BLE protocol and do not need pairing to work.
Does the Photopette work like a pipette?
No, the Photopette is a hand-held photometer. The names was derived from PHOTOmeter and PipETTE since it is a photometer with the form factor of a pipette. Samples are not drawn into the device but stay contained inside the disposable tip. Samples do NOT come in contact with the device itself.
Which regulatory compliance certifications does Photopette have?

Photopette was tested and certified by TUV SUD (Singapore) to meet regulatory requirements according to CE and FCC standards. The battery cell was tested to meet UN 38.3 safety requirements.

Why my Photopette device is not visible in the device list?
Ensure to turn on the Bluetooth function on your iOS / Android device. Ensure that you have allowed all the permissions (including Location) on Android devices when you use the app for the first time. Please restart or reinstall the app to get the permission window to allow bluetooth and other permissions.