FAQs (Sales)

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How do I purchase the Photopette Device?

Tip Biosystems may have an appointed distributor network in your region. Please refer to our website under Distributor Tab or contact us for more details. You may also contact us at sales@tipbiosystems.com for price quotation.

What is the lead time for delivery?

The lead time is typically 4 -6 weeks for devices not in stock. 1 week for devices and consumables in stock.

Where can I buy more CuveTips?

Please contact your local Tip Biosystems representative in your region or you may purchase through our web store. Alternatively, please contact us at sales@tipbiosystems.com

What is the required sample volume for measurement?

50ul of sample required

Is the Photopette a pipet?

No, the Photopette is a hand-held photometer.

What is the CuveTip?

The CuveTip is the equivalent of a disposable plastic cuvet used in conventional Spectrophotometers. The CuveTip is disposable and is attached to the Photopette for measurement

What is the wavelength range the Photopette can cover?

We can provide instruments with multiple fixed wavelength ranging from 250 nm up to 1050 nm.

Can I use the Photopette outdoors?

Yes, the Photopette is suitable for outdoor use.

What is the advantage of the Photopette over traditional bench top photometers?

We do not rely on a standalone software which requires a desktop to run. In fact, we are designed for a full mobile application which does not depend on any standalone system. Using Photopette the workflow is smoother and faster. It eliminates competition for bench top time and comes with an attractive price-performance ratio.

Is the Photopette difficult to use and needs user training?

The Photopette is very easy and intuitive to use. The app guides the user to perform desired measurements.

What is the maintenance cost of the Photopette?

There is virtually no maintenance cost. No lamp change is ever necessary.

Can I reuse the CuveTip?

In general, we do not recommend reuse of the CuveTip. For molecular biology type of work where cross contamination is problematic you should always use a new CuveTip.