Food & Beverages

NAD/NADH based enzymatic assays such as lactate, pyruvate, glucose and alcohol

Cell-viability assay using resazurin dye (*alamarBlue®)

Cell density (mammalian,bacterial or yeast)

Protein Assay (Bradford and BCA assay)

Direct Protein measurement

Precise pH measurement with malachite green dye

Order information

Ordering NumberItem
500008 PC
Photopette® Cell Kit supplied with Photopette® device (supports 340 nm, 570 nm & 600 nm)
Photopette® stand holder
CuveTip® Box
CuveTip® Ejector Box
88 disposable CuveTips®
USB connection cable and quick start guide


Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Measurement Precision & Accuracy better than ±0.020 AU
Photometric range 0.000 AU ~ 3.000 AU
Measurement time Within 2 seconds per measured wavelength
Warm up time None
Lifetime (light-source) > 500,000 measurements per wavelength
Wavelengths340 nm , 570 nm , 600 nm
iOS and Android Yes
LanguageEnglish, German and Chinese